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Incognito from £4500

We allow our patients to pay for their treatment in manageable installments on an interest free basis.

About Incognito

Lingual braces are fitted to the inner surfaces of your teeth and are completely invisible.

Incognito™ is a high-technology lingual appliance which is suitable for all types of orthodontic problems. It is easy to keep clean and the only one who knows you are having orthodontic treatment is you. Both the brackets and the wires are custom made for each individual using specialized CAD/CAM technology. The remarkable flat design of the gold alloy brackets (anti allergic) provides maximum patient comfort and rapid adaptation to speech.

Incognito – Is It For Me?

Would you like to improve your smile, optimize the health of your teeth and look amazing? Have you wanted to have a perfect smile but felt too self- conscious and embarrassed to have train track braces?

If your answer is yes then Incognito is for you:
Any malocclusion can be corrected whether you are a teenager or an adult
the brace is the only truly invisible orthodontic appliance
the brackets are nickel-free and easy to clean
the treatment provides high quality results
the individual and flat design of the brackets and archwires ensures maximum patient comfort and rapid adaptation to speech

Further Information about Lingual Braces

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British Lingual Orthodontic Society

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